What my clients have to say


"Your 'self' will thank you!"

Before I started meeting with Rachel you could probably call my style "whatever fit" and ensured I wouldn't get sent home from work for being inappropriate. Rachel never made me feel like that wasn't a style, or that I looked frumpy (which I know now that I did), but started simple.. suggesting a couple colors that would look good with my skin/hair color and then started asking a couple probing questions that got me thinking how easy this could be. She was quick to learn my tastes and showed me a lot of ways to put outfits together that made me feel really good about myself and that stirred me to workout even harder and keep feeling that strong sense of "self". After a couple visits she knows she can get me to try on a couple things outside my comfort zone - and thank goodness - because they look amazing and are some of my favorite pieces!   If you're on the fence about hiring a stylist...just meet Rachel once. You'll be all in and your "self" will thank you! 

~Heather, 40 and fabulous

"I'm having fun being more adventurous now!"

The after effects of doing The Wardrobe Cleanse service have been awesome! An unexpected benefit is that I am being more adventurous because I really like the pieces in my closet and don't have the sort of meh/easy pieces that I usually would grab because they're familiar and easy. 

~Nicki, 34

"I get so many compliments on my clothes!"

I didn't really have a "style" before working with Rachel. I didn't focus on what I liked, it was more just if it fit and would be work appropriate. Rachel opened my eyes to what I truly like in my wardrobe and has helped me become confident in myself. I enjoy going to my closet everyday and picking what to wear instead of dreading it.

Rachel is so personable and down to earth. She didn't make me feel bad about anything I had in my closet, instead she made me look at what I had in my closet in a whole new way. She helped me see items that go together that I would have never put together myself.  I get so many compliments on my clothes, and it's all due to Rachel. With her expertise and professionalism, you can't go wrong working with her! Enjoy every moment being able get her advice, you won't regret it. 

~Jenn, 31

"I found my style!"

A few years ago, it became apparent that my wardrobe needed an overhaul.  I have always had a difficult time discarding clothing items that were still in good shape and still fit well despite no longer being at the height of fashion. Rachel shopped with me for new wardrobe additions which included trips to the store and online purchases.  Having facilitated my wardrobe redo by checking the contents of my closet, Rachel quickly grasped my style preferences and was able to give solid advice on new purchases that complimented what I already owned.  In addition, she encourage me to branch out and include some new colors along with styles that were a bit different from my standard choices.

What I most appreciated about Rachel was her ability to understand my needs and budget as well as her understanding of why I liked what I liked......She always willingly worked within my boundaries. Rachel is a warm, caring professional who will help you find your style and have it reflect who you are! ~Laurie, 60